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How Yoga Can helps Children?

Learning begins from the minute child is born on the earth and they are exposed to many different situations in their life Eg- Moving houses, adapting new siblings, preparing for the schools, sharing things …..and these exposure can be beneficiary and some may not be.

Learning to adopt without disturbing the inner well-being is the key point in the life. Fact is that they learn more during their childhood than at any other time in life. So introducing yoga to children at very early ages helps them to learn different skills and  technique to manage  any giving situation in the life in Joyful way. This positively influence child’s physical, social, emotional, cognitive skills.

About Yoga classes

At Just4Health  kids yoga classes  are designed in very interactive, creative and fun way! Classes includes traditional and tailored yoga posture, kriya, relaxation, visualisation  technique, guided meditation, games and stories.

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