Fasting Therapy

Fasting Therapy

We all know that when animals or even birds fall ill, their first and foremost step is giving up eating until they show signs of recovery.

Meaning of fasting therapy: "Real Cleansing device"

Fasting comprises many things, Eating less than the normal quantity of food at least once a week, taking only liquid food or easily digestible food or fruits, avoiding fried food and non vegetarian food are all different forms of fasting.

Fasting should not be confused with starvation. Fasting is constructive whereas starvation is destructive. Through fasting, all important organs like stomach, intestine, liver and pancreas besides kidneys and lungs, are given rest.

Signs you need to detoxify
  • Are you often tired or lethargic? 

  • Do you regularly suffer from bloating, constipation, diarrhoea or other digestive disturbances?

  • Do you have bad breath or body odour?

  • Do you get recurrent headaches?

  • Does poor short-term memory and concentration affect your ability to         function at work?

  • Do you suffer from depression, anxiety and/or mood swings?

  • Do you have skin problems?

  • Do you have allergies, sensitivities or dark circles under your eyes?

  • Are you regularly suffering from muscle aches and pains?

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