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Way of Life

Primary cause of all disease is the violation of Nature’s law”, i-e .breach of rules of diet, exercises, drinking water, relaxation, sleep etc.

“Disease as such is the self purifying effort of nature,” proclaims Naturopathy.

Just4health naturopathy combines a variety of modalities, resulting in a treatment approach that is patient-concentric, highly individualised and has greater flexibility. The following modalities are used as a single or in combination to treat the condition,

  • Dietary Advice
  • clinical Naturopathic Nutrition
  • Herbal medicine ( Liquid/Capsule/teas)
  • lifestyle counselling
  • Fasting therapy
  • Hydrotherapy
  • Mud therapy
  • Remedial Massage
  • Reflexology
  • Acupressure

Treatment Approach:

 3 different  level of approach

During a consultation i will examine your health issue and treatment will be provided/prescribed based on the outcome of the consultation. 

As a first level, Holistic and Naturopathic approach – Looking for root cause of the disease . Secondly i will  address the issue on a scientific level – taking into account the physiology, pathology, differential diagnosis and potential need for medical and functional diagnostic tests and/or referral. Thirdly depending on the diagnosis, i may  integrate treatments like Hydrotherapy, fasting therapy, Naturopathic Nutrition, mud bath, remedial massage, acupressure, reflexology,

Dietary Advice and Lifestyle advice:

Herbal and nutritional supplements are mainly used in the short term; diet and lifestyle modifications contribute greatly to our wellness and reduce the need for long term therapies. We aim to help you understand why the way we live is important and how to make the required changes that will support your long term health.

Clinical Naturopathic Nutrition:

Good nutrition provides the building blocks for health. Assessing your nutritional status using pathology test results, deficiency signs and dietary intake is an important part of your treatment. Naturopaths and nutritionists use therapeutic dosages, which may differ from those found in standard supplements, to ensure your needs are met. And diligent practitioners will continually review credible research and traditional evidence to support their dosage decisions.

All prescribed supplements are from ‘practitioner only’ ranges to ensure you receive the highest quality products.

Herbal medicine:

Herbs contain a large number of naturally occurring chemicals that have biological activity and compounds from plants that are used to produce reliable pharmaceutical drugs.

The herbal extracts can be blended together to suit individual needs, and are useful in the treatment of many common conditions or for the maintenance of good health. Herbs are natural and work synergistic with the body to help restore health, however, some herbs can be contra-indicated in certain conditions and therefore should always be taken at the dosage prescribed by an accredited naturopath.

MUD WRAP (Partial Mud Wrap):

Earth representing treatment designed to slim and tone the body, hydrate or firm the skin, or relax and soothe the muscles. Some mud wraps are also thought to relieve tired and aching joints, ease inflammations, and help to flush out toxins through sweating.


Water representing treatments these therapies include drinking natural spring water, taking baths, alternating hot and cold applications and water exercise, hot and cold compresses, all of which are thought to stimulate healing and strengthen the immune system.

(Hot foot immersion, steam bath, hot & cold compresses, full immersion bath, hip bath)

Fasting Therapy

We all know that when animals or even birds fall ill, their first and foremost step is giving up eating until they show signs of recovery.

Meaning of fasting therapy: “ Real Cleansing device”

Fasting comprises many things, Eating less than the normal quantity of food at least once a week, taking only liquid food or easily digestible food or fruits, avoiding fried food and non vegetarian food are all different forms of fasting.

Fasting should not be confused with starvation. Fasting is constructive whereas starvation is destructive. Through fasting, all important organs like stomach, intestine, liver and pancreas besides kidneys and lungs, are given rest.

Remedial Massage

Massage is defined as the intentional and systematic manipulation of the soft tissue of the body that us the normalisation of soft tissues, to enhance health and healing. The primary characteristics of massage are the applications of touch and movement.Massage consists of a group of manual techniques that include applying fixed or movable pressure, causing movement of or to the body, or both. Massage is delivered primarily by suing hands but it may also be delivered using other body parts such as forearms, elbows.

The ingredients for Remedial massage therapy like massage oil; natural herbal powders used during and after the therapy respectively are carefully selected after Health assessment.

Healing and comforting music therapy is integrated during the therapy session for maximum benefits.

Massage table is used for maximum benefits and comfort.

The different types of massages Just4health offers are :

The Swedish massage-It employs different therapeutic manipulations like effleurage, petrissage, friction, tapotement, compression and vibration.

Massage during Pregnancy, Reduces aches and pains, Relieves  tiredness,Creates a stress free environment for Mum and baby and Improves  circulation.

Indian Head Massage Focused scalp massage, Gentle but firm pressure,Stimulates oxygen flow to nerve endings,Releases tension from the head and neck,Extremely relaxing.

Relaxation Massage Relaxes tight muscles,Helps the body to wind down,Slow soothing strokes,Promotes a general sense of peace.

Massage to deep tissue  Stimulates blood supply,Dissolves toxins in the muscles,Calms the nervous system,Improves joint mobility,Tones & relaxes muscles, Eases pain and discomfort.


Acupressure is one of the oldest healing methods in the world. By using deep finger pressure at certain points to reduce tension, increase circulation and offer relief for many complaints.  often described as "Acupuncture without the needles".

Acupressure has profound effect in

Pain Management
Stress Management
Tension Headaches
Energy balance

Prolonged Labour-Malposition of Fetus

Morning sickness in Pregnancy

 Bronchial Asthma

 Low back Pain

What to expect of an Acupressure session at Just4health?

1. Each acupressure session is designed emphasising on the ancient principles & philosophy of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

2. The therapy is administered personally by the Naturopath.

3. It is mandatory to undergo Initial Health Assessment before the start of the Acupressure session.

4. Acupressure has its own limitations as a therapy.

Acupressure is effective in relieving the stagnation of body fluids caused by improper lifestyle habits and stress metabolites like lactic acid.

Acupressure is more effective with appropriate lifestyle changes.

How many sessions are required?

A course of treatment consists of 8-10 sessions. For best results patients should have 2-3 sessions a week. The amount of response varies between individuals depending on their age and lifestyle. A visible result is noticeable after 3-4 sessions. Treatments are cumulative, meaning they build upon each other each time. Each treatment takes about 60 to 90 minutes.