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Kids Yoga

Learning begins from the minute child is born on the earth and they are exposed to many different situations in their life Eg- Moving houses, adapting new siblings, preparing for the schools, sharing things …..and these exposure can be beneficiary and some may not be.

Learning to adopt without disturbing the inner well-being is the key point in the life. Fact is that they learn more during their childhood than at any other time in life. So introducing yoga to children at very early ages helps them to learn different skills and  technique to manage  any giving situation in the life in Joyful way. This positively influence child’s physical, social, emotional, cognitive skills.

At Just4Health  kids yoga class  designed in very interactive, creative and fun way! Classes includes traditional and tailored yoga posture, kriya(Cleansing techniques), relaxation, visualisation  technique, guided meditation, games and stories.

About Yoga Class

Yoga Class
Children Meditating
Yoga Class
Yoga Class

Age Range

We offer kids yoga classes to 6-12 year olds as we’ve found this age vary have a beautiful dynamic within the sessions and usually feel snug to self!

Frequently asked questions about Kids Yoga

Is Yoga a religion or religious practice? Does yoga practice interfere with family believes?

The Yoga sessions that we run at Just 4Health are completely non-religious and do not interfere with individual and family beliefs. We follow ancient traditions, such as acknowledging Guru- Patanjali- (Recitation  in Sanskrit language)  before the start of  every session, and we reinforce Yama (ethical principles) and Niyama (individual disciplines) such as integrity, non-aggression and honesty. 

Why should kids learn yoga when they are super flexible and active ?

Yoga provides a lot of psychological benefits for kids as well, such as better emotional regulation and increased physical, and mental awareness, memory and concentration.

How many poses kids learn in kids Yoga session?

At Just4Health Kids’ Yoga Sessions, kids are taught a large variety of poses including balancing, standing and seated poses. Our classes also teach across various skill levels, catering for beginners as well as more advanced kids with the careful instruction and guidance of our teachers. 


I’ve been hearing a lot about yoga and mindfulness for kids. How exactly does yoga promote mindfulness? 

Yoga and mindfulness both aim to quieten the mind and increase focus and concentration. By helping an individual focus on their body through the guided sessions we provide at Just4Health, we seek to improve their mindful ability.

My kids can’t sit still or focus. How can they possibly do yoga?

Not everyone can be focused and calm when they start Yoga, and at Just4Health, we run classes specific to different skill levels. We seek to help your kids improve, starting from wherever they currently may be at. 

How many kids are in a class?

There are up to 10 kids in each class.

How many classes per week my kid should take up the classes?

We recommend 1 class per week, though your kids can take up to two classes if they feel like they need more guided sessions or are looking to practise more often. At Just4Health, we also offer sessions during the school holidays so that your kids don’t need to take a break in their practice. 

What should my child bring and wear to yoga class?

Comfortable and breathable clothing, such as t-shirts with shorts, pants or leggings is recommended. Your child can  bring a water bottle and a yoga mat if they prefer (we provide yoga mats and water  at our center).

For a trail class or if you have further questions about Yoga classes

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