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Sruthi advised me to practise yoga, as routine intervention, with naturopathy medicines, to improve quality of life and muscle function. She customized few pose to suit me and also encouraged me to stick to the routine style. In addition to this, she also encouraged me to perform a systematic meditation and relaxation technique with breathing, to reduce strain. Thank you for your guidance and support.

Prem Anand N

Satisfied client

I visited Shruti when my 2 year olds cold just wouldn't disappear. After a month of snots and coughs we got this little potion and within a few days it had practically gone. She also did wonders for me when I was heavily pregnant with bubs number 2 and couldn't take any traditional medicine for sinus pain. Will definitely see again and recommend to all my friends.

Tracey Reginald

Happy Mummy

I have had one the best experiences of my life -I am delighted I took part on Just4health, I have learned so much and am amazed at the incredible journey and you have took me on. You have given me back some confidence and definitely put new life into my soul! I have loved every minute of my time with you. We were always greeted with such a warm welcome, huge smiles and made to feel completely at home. Shruti,you are truly an inspiration and a brilliant teacher, thank you for everything!!!!! Best regards

Unita kashyap sardon

Best yoga teacher and inspirational person

It was the most wonderful experience of doing pregnancy yoga for my second delivery. Extremely thankful to Shruti, she made every oncoming month easier to deal with, inspite of the heaviness and bulging body!! I will recommend pregnancy yoga to each and every pregnant mom and yoga otherwise too to keep the body fit and mind refreshed!!


Satisfied mom

Shruti,thank you for the massages you provide me with when i have Back Pain. Your massages always seem to relieve my pain. Your deep pressure massage are wonderful and your yoga classes are invigorating. I always look forward to our Yoga therapy sessions.


Most Satisfied Customer

I had my first ever Yoga Class with was amazing. All the pregnancy pain just vanished.I felt so relaxed after the class. Thank you for the all the patience and support


Satisfied Customer

I was having chronic skin disease since 2011.Because of cold climate it flared up.After i took treatment my itching has reduced and i am feeling better than before.Thanks to Shruthi.


Most Satisfied

I have been suffering from sciatica pain for long time. Thanks to Shruti i am managing it quiet well.


My symptoms included neck pain, menopause causing dizziness, anxiety, lack of energy, poor concentration, and stomach bloat. With Shruti's treatment of Naturopath, Mud packs, Acupressure, Massage, & Yoga, I am now completely free of neck pain. With the support and care from Shruti all other symptoms are also under control. I am feeling so energized and better than I have felt in a long time, through ongoing yoga and a food plan. Shruti's care, dedication & results encourage your determination. It is rare to find someone so caring & dedicated. Thank you so much Shruti

Kerry R

Very satisfied customer

I am really thankful to shruti for all the treatment she gave to me. I was severely suffering with lots of health problems including chronic back pain. With all her treatment including Therapeutic massage, mud packs , Hydrotherapy treatments, Herbal treatments and yoga etc she really helped me a lot in treating the root cause of the problems and also showed me the new life style that can help me in avoiding any health problems in future. I would definitely recommend her treatment for any health problems.


Very happy customer

I had an Indian massage which I was very happy with. Even though I got a full pressure massage I still left feeling very relaxed. Well done Shruthi I'll be back.

Diane E

Very satisfied customer

I have been suffering from severe headaches(Migraine) from past few years and I thought it could only be relieved thru tablets but I was completely wrong as Shruthi thru her acupressure treatment helped me get rid of my headache Thanks to Shruthi:-)

Setty N

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