Functional Testing


Functional pathology tests are used to investigate functional, biochemical, nutritional, metabolic and hormonal status.  They balance alternative approaches.  The results assist in the treatment plan in a holistic approach to health.




SIBO is a condition where excessive bacterial growth occurs in the small intestine. SIBO vary in presentation, from being only mildly symptomatic to suffering from chronic diarrhoea, weight loss, malabsorption, constipation, abdominal cramping, bloating, reflux, joint pain and skin rashes.  In presence of SIBO, Certain vitamins and minerals may not be properly absorbed and may lead to vitamin and mineral deficiency.

This test is an affordable, non-invasive breath test that is carried out in the comfort of your own home. The results will be ready for your follow-up consultation and I will determine the best dietary protocol for you, to eliminate SIBO and restore digestive function.



This test is a comprehensive test for assessing the health of digestive system which are digestion, absorption, metabolic, inflammation, tumour ulcer markers, beneficial and other bacteria, yeasts, parasites (visual detection and chemical EIA detection) and sensitivities.

It is an easy, non-invasive test. Depending on symptoms presentation, I will decide the most appropriate test analyses.



This Australian test covers a list of over 500 standard list— including all food groups, bathroom, laundry, and kitchen products.

This includes common local brands (specific to each country in which the test is conducted) found in supermarkets and health food stores. Each item is tested in the form it is usually consumed (both raw and cooked where applicable).

This test have two more speciality lists — one for testing Australian Baby (Test have had a lot of success helping mums and babies with troublesome symptoms) and another for pets.

Test also able to perform an additional test for compatibility against your patient’s pet’s fur/feathers provided a sample of the relevant pet’s fur/feathers is provided.



  The  range of tests including 


  • Full and Comprehensive Blood Testing

  • Immune Testing

  • Inflammatory Markers Testing

  • Liver Function and Detoxification Testing

  • Food Allergy and Intolerance Testing

  • Adrenal Function Testing

  • Thyroid Function Testing

  • Male or Female Hormone Testing

  • Autoimmune Testing

  • pyrroles MTHFR and Epigenetics

For more information on how I can help you with functional pathology testing please contact me.

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