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What is Prenatal Yoga?

First, Congratulations! Carrying a baby is one of the most profound physical, mental and emotional experience in women’s life. This is incredible time to become more aware of oneself and with baby. Prenatal yoga offers supportive way for a women to get connected with self and with baby by providing mindful, gentle and effective body work out. Although Yoga is safe form of workout during prenatal it is always advised to check with your GP or Specialist before commencing.


At Just4Health, a 30 minutes of Initial Short health Assessment is conducted before offering prenatal yoga for new Yogis. Short health assessment has been designed to determine physical health, energy level and stress level and know about the medical history and this is not intended to be diagnosis rather it helps indicates the level of fitness.

How long is Prenatal Yoga Class for and how it is practiced?

One  hour  Prenatal yoga Class is tailored practice and conducted by Shruti Nagendra and class consist of  breath awareness joint movement, carefully selected yoga posture to helps strengthen and stretches body, followed by mindful breathing practice (Pranayama) and end with powerful guided relaxation or meditation.

Top 10 Reasons why Yoga is recommended during pregnancy


1. Becoming a mother is a remarkable journey

Pregnancy yoga will give the peace  and space to experience the natural altered state of consciousness that occurs as you go. Through this incredible life change as you give the gift of life to your baby.

In addition, yoga will help you to access and to be in touch with your deepest feelings, your instincts and intuitions. In this sense yoga is profoundly empowering.


2. Bond with her Baby

On a deeper level before the birth. The silence she experienced in yoga, when even her thoughts becomes quite, allows her to be more sensitive to her unborn baby.

We now know for sure, that a baby in the womb is influenced both physically and emotionally by the mother during pregnancy.


3. Yoga helps to prepare for an easier and better birth

Breathing freely and fully is the key to staying relaxed at any time. However it will dramatically increases her ability to cope with pain at the peak of her contraction in labour and her concentration in labour and your concentration while giving birth.

She is able to focus effortlessly or releasing pain each time she breath out during concentration. This is a really effective way to manage her labour without needing medical pain killer such as pethidine,gas,air(Nitrous oxide) and epidurals.

Practicing Yoga in pregnancy makes pain more manageable and helps many more women to get through labour naturally. At the end of the day, this is usually very satisfying too.

Women feel that they have been more in control more in charge of a birth experience they have worked through powerfully themselves.


4. Better breathing and circulation

While practising yoga she will find that her breath pattern more deeply and freely and therefore increases her oxygen uptake.

This means that her baby receives considerably more oxygen too,


5. Posture will improve

One of the greatest additional benefit is improvement in herself and find in her posture.

Pregnancy yoga improves her awareness and her ability to hold herself correctly when she walk,stand and sit.


6. Yoga teaches self reliance and ensures that her baby is positioned optimally


7. Yoga develops ease in supported upright 'birth position'

This means that with the help of pregnancy  yoga,her hips and pelvis become more capable of comfortably adapting upright birthing positions such as supported squatting and kneeling.


8. She can have a pain free Pregnancy

Back pain or discomfort in the sacro iliac or pubic joints of the pelvic are often regarded as inevitable in pregnancy.

This is mostly not true of women who practice yoga. one of the first things women often report when they start practising yoga, even after 2 or 3 sessions of the improvement of such ache and pains.


9. Practicing  Yoga encourages secretion of birth hormones

Because yoga reduces stress, calms the mind and relaxes the body it increases the flow of  birth hormone during pregnancy.


10. Yoga for Pregnancy is gentle, non-strenuous and absolutely safe


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